Unable to hit enemies/pick up items in missions.

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Unable to hit enemies/pick up items in missions.

Postby KingBaz » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:06 pm

So, one of my characters is suddenly experiencing a problem where I am unable to hit enemies during missions (they can hit me though) and I am also unable to pick up anything off of the floor.
It was a sudden and very random occurence as I was going through missions perfectly fine and then I joined a friends mission and all of a sudden I have the problem.
My other characters are working fine so I assume the character is bugged somehow.
Does anybody know how to solve the said situation?
It is my main character, so, I would prefer not to have to delete it.

Thanks in advance.

King Baz.

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Re: Unable to hit enemies/pick up items in missions.

Postby Dual Stream » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:23 pm

Hey there...

Not being able to hit enemies sounds like a de-sync bug.

Changing classes should fix this (and a lot of other account related bugs).

Not being able to pick up items may be a de-sync bug too.

However, If you are experiencing it in the 5th Floor Mission called 'Test Category', specifically in block 2, then this is a mission bug - no-one can pick up items here and it's a known problem.

Hope that helps?

- Viyra XXX

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