Spawning Outside Shop

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Spawning Outside Shop

Postby tizarrior » Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:21 am

hi again! ran into a bug where i spawned way outside of the items shop on the 2nd floor. i dont know if i ran there too quickly or what... (i ran from the weapon shop to the items shop.)
can't run anywhere so you're stuck in place pretty well. only way to get out is to log out/restart the game.
pic of it in case its of any help? idk
edit;; dunno if it helps to know, but you can move the camera, game doesn't crash or anything. 3 shops are visible from where you're stuck, so thats sorta neat
edit 2;; logging out and choosing to resume where you last were actually does... nothing to fix it. i got spawned in the weapons shop, right in the middle of the hologram thing, with no NPCs spawning in that room (since im supposed to be in the items shop). pic if it helps
edit 3;; logged out again and chose to not return to the items shop from spawn. went back to the items shop and it did the same thing, spawning me outside into the void. though, this time im closer to the weapons shop. pic if it helps
edit 4;; i tested it with all of my characters to see if it was for some reason limited to CASTs, but the same thing happened for all of them. i had my boyfriend test it too, same result

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