Minor Name Bug

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Minor Name Bug

Postby tizarrior » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:47 pm

hi! this isn't really something big or game breaking at all, but i noticed that sometimes mina (the 5th floor npc who lets you do missions) wont say your name in her second line of dialouge.
normally, she'll say "Here are missions that you can choose from, [player]." but sometimes she'll say another players name, so in this case, she'll say, "Here are the missions that you can choose from, Dee." i dont know what exactly triggers this, but i think it's been working consistently if i talk to her for the first time after i finish a mission from the 5th floor.
here're screenshots of what she usually says and then when shes saying another players name, if that helps https://imgur.com/a/TPyB9pj
minor edit; it might be worth noting, it's only Dees name she'll say. Dee is a player who does sit at the 5th floor but i dunno if her just being there is triggering mina to say her name /shrug

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