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New Player

Postby darkr22 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 2:57 pm

Hello everyone, i am not that familiar playing with the phantasy star series but i used to play PSO2 Japanese with english patched but for a new beginner its actually a lot more complicated if your not familiarized and the game is just getting bigger and bigger with too many problems on translation updates so i found this out by coincidence as i was looking on nicoblog, I am only familiarized with the psp releases sadly... i knew Phantasy Star Universe came out in my day but i did not play it as i was even poor to have a console or PC lol. Anyway i look forward to playing PSU Clementine! I hope this will en devour some success with lots of new players. Congrats for deciding to make a server out of this. 8-)

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