Hai I'm new!!! Who's still alive in here?!!

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Hai I'm new!!! Who's still alive in here?!!

Postby Rosedust » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:43 am

Well ...I'm not new to PSU, but I'm new to Clementine. I just recently found out about this and I'm SOOOO happy! I had a few questions if anyone's out there :)
First off,
About how many people are still active?
Is there anywhere I can look to find out which missions are currently up and running?
Does anyone know if progress is still being made? I dont have anything to compare it to because I just joined. I just saw the donation page and i DO plan on donating if things are actually still going :D
I cant think of anything else right now, but if anyone reads this, thanks! i luv you guys!!!

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