Nostalgia trip

Looking for people who played on the Xbox 360 servers?
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Nostalgia trip

Postby kiichiro » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:48 pm

Hello everyone, the other day I was talking to my wife about the countless hours, hundred in less than a week some weeks. So I decided to look this back up(Yes, back up, I once played on here forever ago). However after nostalgia of last night was ended sadly too short by needing sleep for work(Wish I was still 16 and didn't have such an awful thing), I come back home today and sadly no connection. Hope to play with you all over the next few weeks and get to live out our memories.

Sappy part (Ignore if you want)

I was getting over the loss of my first girlfriend and was hurting more than it should, this game had saved me from countless hours of suffering, playing with friends, leveling up, trying to obtain a 10/10 psycho wand, and just mainly having fun with my friends. Before the server shutdown one of my friends gifted me a 10/10 psycho wand, said that I should at least get to have one once before the servers go down for good.

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Re: Nostalgia trip

Postby Noblewine » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:26 pm

Hello Kiichiro, welcome to PSUCLEMENTINE, hype!

Gaming is what brings people together so I don't mind the story. Gags on the psycho wand.
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