Seatbelt's Guide for Meseta/XP/MP/Weapons

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Seatbelt's Guide for Meseta/XP/MP/Weapons

Postby illmodz » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:32 am

I've seen plenty of newcomers asking questions such as, "What will give the most xp/meseta?" That is the reason for this guide. I'll keep this simple to follow.

Meseta Guide
Starting out to farm meseta is going to take some time as you need level 45 for the best method. If you are not level 45 , I would recommend joining a group that is grinding and refer back at level 45.
Alright, since you are level 45 you have access to the A rank Protectors run. These runs will drop many weapons per run usually, some of which sell for 30k+ per weapon(e.g Shigga Bradda). It is very straightforward to run this mission, if this is your first time running the mission you will most likely fall into the trap holes a few times until learning where they are. This is (imo) the best way to farm meseta and is very quick if you can get a small group to run the mission.

It is also important that you change the item distribution, Clementine has a custom personal loot system available to use. Simply change the loot for both rare/normal items to Give Finder and any drops will be yours. This also ensures everyone in your group gains from the runs. You will need to redo this for each run.

Meseta Gain: 100k-200k per mission

Location: Guardians Colony 5th Floor Mission Counter (Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS HQ)

Recommended items/etc:
Good A rank armor w/ Freeze resist
A group of 2-3 or more.

XP Guide
This is going to be short because you gain XP in every available mission. I will list the missions I grind for XP in order from most to least.
Test Category Rank S3 Mission - Location: (Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS HQ) Difficulty: Hard
This is going to be the primary way to gain xp, you will need a group for this method, you can gain up to 4.8k EXP on the larger mobs.(Carriguine) Look out for S rank weapon drops, Ashviens is the best double saber currently available and only drops in this mission afaik. NOTE: If you are lower level and wish to be carried through, PLEASE make sure to ask if that's ok with your group.

Protectors Mission Rank C,B,A,S,S2,S3 - Location: (Clyez City 5th Floor: GUARDIANS HQ) Difficulty: Varies on rank
This mission is a great all around mission and will give decent amounts of exp and also MP for mission completion. Also a great way to make meseta while leveling once you can do A ranks.

Illusionary Shaft Rank A,S (aka Mines) - Location: (Parum GUARDIANS HQ - East Wing) Difficulty: Medium
I only recommend doing this mission if you can run S rank, and I would only do it with a group minimum size of 2. This mission is one of the most effective methods to level your class(MP gain) at the earlier levels 75-100.

Extra Info(will add to this as time goes on)
Almost all of the "best" weapons in the game can be found at either Clyez City: Floor 2 weapons shop, TENORA WORKS(Moatoob), GRM shop(Parum), or the shop on Neudaiz. Armor can only be purchased at Clyez City: Floor 2 Armor shop AFAIK.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and hope it makes things easier for you, my in-game name is Seatbelt. See you around!

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Seatbelts Guide for Meseta/XP/MP/Weapons

Postby WarnerNor » Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:14 am

If you are refferring to me, Im not a soam bot. Im just a new player who found something cool and since I didnt see a guide for it yet, I decided to post. Sorry?

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