No longer l@@king 4 cheap testers!

Occasionally we ask for help from the community when working on Clementine.
If there's anything that you feel you could help with then feel free to drop in here!
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No longer l@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Marmalade » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:47 pm

Pretty much gotten everything I need and then some. Sorry if you didn't get selected '^' you won't have to wait much longer, promise!
Thank you, Seras! c:

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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Brendson » Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:25 pm

Person who doesn't know anything about coding used but knows how to unzip files reporting in.

I am qualified in the following;

Downloading large files, my teenage years gave me much experience in this!
Wondering why it doesn't work and trying to see briefly why before reporting in
I could possibly try and make things work, depending on the issue that arises honestly. Anything to do with compiling code I may as well disappear into the night
I am very efficient in logging in to things
I am very efficient in making beautiful characters for the inevitable fashion shows
I can check mission stuff in reference to what should be happening. Such as correct mob types, stage progression like gate/door/key unlocks, teleporters working and possible item drops can be checked by using ye ol' psupedia tables unless the team has updated loot tables to use
I can attempt to make things work better, more so I can be expected to give detailed reports on what shit may not be working as efficiently as it should be
Making sick ass youtube videos for like 19 views tops!

All in all, I fully expect to be overlooked by someone more proficient in building the architecture of the game and server, this is me throwing my hat into the pile saying if you absolutely need anyone I can stop shit posting on Twitter and help however I can with what I know and remember.

Discord tag is Brendson#7048

Regardless of what happens, good luck with the refinement and thank you again for even taking on the project. If you ever need a PR man I'm available. If you ever need a lawyer... well I know a guy who knows a guy.
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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby LadyRena » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:31 pm

I can try!

-Download large files!
I have three separate games around 30 gigs in size on my PC right now. I am ready.

-Wonder why it doesn't work!
I ran Windows XP until my PC died last year! That same machine was a replacement for one that was passed down to me, and THAT machine was one my family obtained when Windows 98 was a thing! I am familiar with things not working!

-Make it work!
Well shit, no guarantees, but I can always do my best, yeah? It depends on what pops up. If it turns out that none of the problems are things I can fix, then I'll respectfully sign off b/c I'd prefer not to be useless and pretend I'm not.

-Log in!
Make characters!

Well sure!

-Check mission stuff!
I played PSU360 for its full six-year run, so I've got a large bank of memories to draw on to ensure that missions are running more or less properly.

-Make sure stuff works better than it already does!
Well that is the goal![/quote]

My discord tag is Lady Rena#5357
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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Kewizzle » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:37 pm

Lol i work on my computer almost 24/7. This would be no big deal. I could do this all.
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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Midori Hoshi » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:43 pm

Discord: Midori Hoshi#1011

I'm not a programmer but other than that, I should be your ideal candidate. I have played many thousands of hours of PSO, PSU and PSO 2, mostly the Japanese versions. Lately I've been playing PSP2i. PSU is my favorite video game of all time. I am super hyped and passionate about Clementine and would love to see it reach open beta and be successful.

I have a decent amount of free time and I'd love to do what I can to help with testing, translation, etc. I've done some bug testing in a computer software company in the past, and I've helped with translations recently for the PSO Ultima server, along with reporting a few bugs there. I'm open minded and consider it my best characteristic. I have a fast internet connection with no data caps, so downloading large files won't be a problem.

I am dedicated, honest and responsible. You tell me what needs testing and I'll do my best to contribute. If/when there is nothing asked of me, I will likely end up playing around on the server anyway and keep an eye out for possible unknown problems. I know this is about testing but if you need extra help with translations, my Japanese is pretty good so I might be able to help there too. And I should also mention that I have the Perfect Bibles (Japanese guide books) for both PSU and the expansion, if there is a chance they might be useful for something.

By the way, I'm not Midori Oku. I briefly played with Midori Oku back in the day on PSU JP, and it was amazing how similar we are. Not only did we have the same name and character appearance, but our playstyle and mindset were the same as well. I think Midori Oku and I will have a fun and intense rivalry on Clementine for best Master Force on the server.
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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby mydaloney » Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:24 am

I'd be super interested in helping out! I'm not a programmer or anything but I do know a few things. I'm not sure if I can really fix anything but I'd be more than willing to help find and report any bugs! If I can't fix something, then I will definitely let you know what it is and will be willing to help with anything I can to get it fixed.

Download large files! - Check
Wonder why it doesn't work! - Do this almost everyday with everything!
Make it work! - I can try
Log in! - EZ PZ
Make characters! - Yus
Check mission stuff! - Yus
Make sure stuff works better than it already does! - Can definitely try!

My Discord is mydaloney#8420 , and I believe I'm already on the Clementine discord server so you can find me there! I work a day job but I have nothing but free time after that, so I'm willing to put any time aside that is needed to help development. I know I'm kind of new here, but I'd jump at the chance to help out.

If I'm selected, I can give you days and times I'm available, etc. so just let me know!

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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby LeoKira997 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:04 am

Cheap tester here, will test for access to my worst addiction ever. (~6000 hours and I was extremely late to the party?...please send help)

Download large files?
I should be fine.

Wonder why it doesn't work?
I play a heavily modded Skyrim, I am use to wondering about why things don't work.

Making it work?
I know very little when it comes to coding, basic html/css and a little bit of lua, not much help sadly (I don't think at least).

Logging in?
I have several years of experience logging in to things under my belt.

Making characters?
Is it okay if all of them are CAST? I am a strong believer in CAST supremacy, are you?

Checking mission stuff?
I have ran everything I could when I played at least once, but anything with dragons and Dulk Fakis/Dark Falz are the ones I did the most.

Making sure stuff works better than it does?
I will do my best to help make this as good (or better) than the official servers.

Discord ID is LeoKira997#4187

I love this game. It was my life. My memory of things is a bit fuzzy after not playing for a few years but if you need someone who can dedicate their whole day for the next (insert long length of time here) because they have nothing going on in their life, then please let me help.
Back in my day, I had to teleport to and from school in the snow, uphill, both dimensions!

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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Shadowth117 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:25 am

I'd love to do this if possible. I've got good net and a good bit of modding experience from a few games under my belt. Mikuru and Midori Oku might be able to vouch for me a bit. Discord is Shadowth117#6270 and I watch it pretty regularly. Classes are starting for me, but when I'm not doing that I'd be very down to help.

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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Aeternal » Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:24 am


I'm a Computer Science Major currently. I've been "investigating" PSU for many years now as I was an avid player back in the 360 days. I've been taking a look at the files and editing the game slowly. Essentially I'm bugging out the whole game right now.

Download large files!
I'm on university internet so that's nowhere near an issue.
Also more than 500GB of space. Throw whatever you've got.

Wonder why it doesn't work!

I often wonder why things don't work but I always have ways to figure out why. I often log games and see if I can make heads or tails of what's causing it. Sometimes I can even remedy the issue.

Make it work!
See above.

Log in!
aeternal_n -> aeternal

Make characters!

I've made chars of all races and all sexes. You misogynist.

Check mission stuff!
I would say I have played most missions in the game as I have been on constant grinds in game for rare weapons (Rutsularod flashbacks).

Make sure stuff works better than it already does!
See above by like four.
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Re: L@@king 4 cheap testers!

Postby Noob Saibot » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:17 am

*Lights Cigar and puts feet up..*

So when do I start?
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