[De Rol Le] Type AI

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[De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Gnome » Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:17 pm

Seeing as you lovely people helped out so much with De Ragan type's AI, I'd like to possibly begin working on this wormy bastards.
So please, fill me with that delicious info.

Refer http://psu-clementine.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=1957 for some idea on layouts.

This Moveset applies (with some variation) to De Rol Le and Dark Falz First Form

Thank you in advance for any information that might help us wrap our heads around this AI
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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Dovahqveen » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:42 pm

De Rol Le: MY PC BURNT OUT WHILE I WAS WRITING THIS I WANTED TO CRY luckily, I have this autosave file. It's incomplete as of now, because I can't risk losing any more of my work rn. This will be edited and completed later today :D

EDIT: Okay!! Here I am! De Rol Le is a fiesty little (big) thing. She's (yes she. don't argue wit me over them pronouns >:U) always trying to get you to move around the raft to dodge her moves or to get onto the buttons and chase her. If you don't bring a gun to this fight, you're better off just packing a ham sandwich and enjoying the ride. Better said, if you have a gun, you can shoot off her appendages (even her face!!!) to deal some pretty devastating damage. Otherwise, you have to wait it out until she performs one of her closer ranged moves. It's pretty brutal. Anyways, if you guys wanna see some or all of the battle in action, check these vids out!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iESDUm_fyI (solo)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn9XCBjroow (team)

Baby Missile Prep: >1 sec Duration: 8-11 secs
~Started with this after waiting around 8 seconds of floating next to the raft
~Shoots 16-22 mini versions of her at player, which slightly home in to more so surround/pass by them than hit them
~Most common move, can use several times in a row
~She will be floating next to the raft or relatively off to the side behind the raft, in either position she can be in midair or in the water
~Can shoot this when in front or in back too, at which point the babes will come out of both sides. She will only do this if the raft is positioned in the dead center
~Shot this, flew up slightly behind the raft for 8 secs, then floated down to shoot again
~Chance to poison player

Slow Baby Missile Prep: 3 secs Shooting Duration: 15 secs Total Circling Distance: 22 secs
~Rare move, will swim down next to the raft and encircle it with her body, shooting a slower version of BM
~She seems to shoot around 15 missiles, one every second, and then continues to swim around player for another 4 secs
~The cue might be obvious; Rol waits at a high position in the back of the raft for around 8 seconds, dives down, waits for another 6 seconds, comes back up in either the same position or in front of the boat, submerges again after about 2 seconds, cuts off the power of the raft at 6 seconds, and THEN comes up to circle the boat
~Has another cue where she simply dives down, shuts off power after 5 seconds, and then pops up
~Chance to poison player

Floating Bombs Prep: 1 sec Shoot Duration: ~9 secs Float Duration: depends on distance of De Rol and actions of player
~Summons 5 bomb babies to float slowly at you directly after using a move, generally BM or IB
~She can be anywhere to do this
~With every baby she wiggles her body up and down to get one out of her (twerk)
~When drifting on the water, she swoops side to side instead of up and down
~Attackable, the babies home in and will blow up somewhere on the raft if not destroyed beforehand
~They will also float around the general area in circles, going off of the raft and then blowing up when they reach close to the player
~Player can tell when they are about to explode when they emit sparks from their backs

Ice Beam Prep: 3 secs Duration: 3 secs Buffer: 3 secs
~Glides either to the front of the raft or the back of the raft to shoot a giant beam of ice from bottom to top, aiming only at the middle of the raft
~She shoots 3 ice beams in total every time, but she will wait 3 seconds in between each beam
~Great chance to freeze player
~Less frequent, uses this in succession

Larva Vomit Underwater Time: 8 secs Prep: 11 secs Duration: 6 secs
~Rol goes underwater and resurfaces to surround the back and front sides of your raft, cutting off the power of the buttons
~Power on raft shuts off at the 5 sec mark while she is underwater
~She will literally sit there for around 11 seconds to allow you to hit her or her tail, then start puking all over you
~Once she starts unleashing that nasty shit, her tail goes down a little bit, but leaves one hittable morsel
~Rare, can do the same cue as described in SBM, but this will cause her to wait a little longer to shut off the power, around 8 seconds
~When hitting either her tail or both her left and right leg pieces on the boat, she will fall over, taking 5 seconds to slide back into the water

Powder Snow Prep: 1-2 secs Duration: 9-10 secs Frost Duration: ~3 secs
~Less frequent move, starts releasing an icy dust from her wings, and traverses across the raft to freeze it over almost completely
~The frozen over texture looks similar to the first level of Dambarta
~A classic “move to a certain part of the platform to avoid the boss move” attack; there will be an exact rectangular area on the boat that does not get touched by ice, always on one of the corners
~Can use this right after IB
~Will always freeze player if hit

Risk of Rain :^) Prep: 1 sec Duration: 6 secs
~Less frequent move, Rol drags her body against the ceiling to bombard player with large boulders
~Very obvious cue that she will do this; from the direct side of the boat, likely after shooting BM, she will glide backwards towards the ceiling for 2 secs, and then again for another 2 secs. After which she will wreak absolute havoc
~Another cue is that if she dives underwater and resurfaces in the same area, she will do this after repositioning
~Uncountable as to how many boulders fall, but 1-3 typically hit somewhere on the boat
~Chance to confuse player

Air Thrust Prep: ~3 secs Duration: ~3 secs
~Rare move, flies to a high position, facing the front/back of the boat, and dives through at mach speed, slicing anyone in her path
~Likes to do this a little after PS, or even in succession, can take her a while to decide to do this when she does though
~One cue that she's going to do this (not right after anything) is her diving, coming right back up, and then flying backwards and up to the high area
~Seems to do it when she’s at a position closer to the back/front already

*Button Usage
~There are 4 buttons on the left and right side of the raft; these are essentially used to steer and either dodge Rol's attacks or get closer to her
~When pushing the raft directly to her side while she’s using a stay-in-place move, she’ll just lay there and let you attack her for around 8 seconds
~Really only just makes her more likely to glide to the side of the waterway that's more open so you can't hit her with melee weapons

Overall Movement
~She flies & swims (-:
~Thinks faster when in midair, it generally takes her around 2-3 seconds to re-position herself and use another move, but sometimes she does like to relish the flight by your side :P
~When gliding across the water she just chills and enjoys her time, waiting for 8 whole seconds before changing to a new position in the water and keeping there

TL;DR De Rol Le uses she/her pronouns and is probably a control freak :oops:
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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Dovahqveen » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:03 am

Dark Falz Form I: Unfortunately enough, this version of Dark Falz exclusively appeared in the online version of Phantasy Star Universe, so the absolute only way I can obtain these notes is through analysis of videos. I'll include every single video I use on this post so you guys can interpret along with me!! If you disagree with anything I mention, please don't be afraid to help us out and post a reply! We're all in this together (but not breaking out in song)!

Dark Pod Salvo Prep: 2 secs Duration: 5.5-8 secs
~Equivalent to Rol's Baby Missile
Forward Fire
~Video 1: After being shot in the face for a while (8 secs), it began to shoot purple pod-like objects out of its sides
~Video 1: Released 16 pods the 1st time, lasting 8 seconds (2 pods/sec), 3rd: 15
~Video 1: 16 seems to be the most
~Video 3: Faced towards raft and floated backwards to shoot this after losing head
Side Fire
~Video 1: Released 14 pods the 2nd time, lasting 7 seconds (player approached and shot the exit holes), 4th: 11
~Video 1: Looks like the player may be able to stop its shooting short with damage
~Video 1: 11 seems to be the least
Backward Fire
~Video 1: 5th: 16

Slow DPS Underwater Time: 8 secs Prep: 1 sec Duration: 14 secs
~Equivalent to Slow Baby Missile
~Video 1: Dove when tail was shot repeatedly
~Video 1: Raft power went off after 5 secs of being underwater
~Video 1: Released 14 pods
~Video 1: Continued to circle around raft for 8 seconds after firing

Floaty Photon Bomb Duration: Same as Rol
~Equivalent to Rol's Floating Bombs
~Seems to be the same concept
~Video 1: First move; used as player approached Falz as he was to the side
~Video 1: Began to do The Wiggle™ and let out 5 destroyable glossy orbs that home in on the raft
~Video 1: After finishing the move altogether, waited 13 seconds for orbs to detonate to move to its next position
~Video 1: Still does the side swoop while on the water's surface

Shadow Beam Prep & Duration: Same as Rol Buffer: ~2 secs
~Typically done when player is near the closest (front or back) edge of the raft to Falz
~Video 1: Unleashed beam as player approached and shot at face
~Video 1: Locks-on to player, even while the beam is being fired (really unlikely to miss)
~Video 1: After its head came off, the beam was shot in a side-to-side motion up and down the raft. The preparation duration for the move stays the same, but it lasts for 7 seconds, starting from the side and changing direction every 2 seconds (seems to end in middle)

?????? Total Duration: 8 secs
~Unique move
~Video 3: Right after the headpiece fell off, Falz turns around and sits in front of the raft, then begins to expel a purple gas. The player recording looked down and saw this small vortex of sorts that may have targeted only the other player. If anyone knows about this move and its effects, please post a response!
https://youtu.be/63MqrV6QWFM?t=3m38s < move shown here

Ceiling Shatter
~Equivalent to Risk of Rain
~Not featured in any videos so far, but I'm assuming it's pretty darn similar to Rol's rendition of it

Air Thrust Positioning Prep: 8 secs Prep: 1 sec Duration: 3 secs
~Video 1: Cue is obvious if Falz is facing the same direction as the raft; will turn towards the raft, back up and align itself with the player
~Video 1: Stays in the original position of the raft before the player moved it
~Video 3: Didn't even hit the players???? Can be a glitch, but after the headpiece falls off, it appears like this move loses power, and can only be used for the aesthetic of gracefully cutting through the air

*Button Usage
~Video 1: Seems to make Falz decide when to stop hesitating
~Video 1: Getting closer can make Falz move away
~Video 1: Huddling up to Falz while it shoots DPS causes it to stick in that spot

Overall Movement
~Video 1: Swooped about in midair after diving and resurfacing, deciding its next angle to attack
~Video 1: Waited around 13 secs to move after player prods raft against its side (when attacking)
~Video 3: ^^^ Waited 17 secs
~Video 2: Seemingly quicker to avoid being hit after sustaining damage

P.S. Dark Falz's pod exit holes can be broken, but will not allow any extra damage to be dealt & also its head can just crumble off after its body takes enough hits

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYEHETBqVjs (Solo) Dark Falz lv160
Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whPLOuedyD4 (continuation of #1)
Video 3: https://youtu.be/63MqrV6QWFM?t=37s (2 players) Dark Falz lv25

If anyone finds any other videos of Dark Falz's First Form (not Dulk Fakis), post them here or even jot down anything else you notice! I'm looking into the unknown move right now; if you guys click here http://psupedia.info/Dark_Falz.html and look at the last bullet in the abilities section, there is a move that may describe what happened in the 3rd video. If anyone can clarify if it is or not, come out of that shell! :D

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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Gnome » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:03 pm

Thanks for the info, you'll notice that both Dark Falz and De Rol Le have basically identical moves...

They're basically the same boss, just with a different model. So you can probably use both boss fights to cross compare moves, because they're both almost identical - this includes the packet that they use for the moves.
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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Dovahqveen » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:21 pm

Anytime! The whole time I was trying to convince myself they were the same lmao
I just wanted to note as much as I could. I don't think it would be so much of an outrage if the same AI was used, it's less work honestly

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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Midori Oku » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:57 am

Dovahqveen wrote:I'm looking into the unknown move right now; if you guys click here http://psupedia.info/Dark_Falz.html and look at the last bullet in the abilities section, there is a move that may describe what happened in the 3rd video. If anyone can clarify if it is or not, come out of that shell! :D

That is the move described in the last bullet. Not only would it inflict Jellen, but it would also cause your character to become stuck in place until the moved ended. I'm honestly not shocked that most people don't know much about it cause he rarely ever used it.

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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Killroy909 » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:41 am

I can wait to see Falz and de rol lee play out.

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Re: [De Rol Le] Type AI

Postby Noblewine » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:44 am

Killroy909 wrote:I can wait to see Falz and de rol lee play out.

Same but I'm stoked about how the dragon types Deragan, Derangus and Zoul Goug to be specific and the robot ones (which I forgot). I love fighting the robots.
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