Fortegunner or gunmaster

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Fortegunner or gunmaster

Postby Calvin » Fri May 18, 2018 6:49 pm

I joined clemintine a week ago and mad a cast. My question is, which class is best: fortegunner or gunmaster? With level 50 PA’s available to everyone does gunmaster have any advantage?

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Re: Fortegunner or gunmaster

Postby Noblewine » Sat May 19, 2018 2:22 am

Fortegunner has more options with weapons. Gunmaster can only use four ranged type weapons: Twin handguns, laser cannon, rifle and shotgun.
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Re: Fortegunner or gunmaster

Postby Aelphasy » Wed May 23, 2018 2:06 pm

I do not know if it's still relevant, but there's going to be some change on some classes.

But for now, I think GM is better than FG in term of dps and so TA. However, the difference isn't so important, and FG could be better in certain mission, due to grenades who are deadly against mutiple target bosses.
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Re: Fortegunner or gunmaster

Postby LadyRena » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:27 pm

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Re: Fortegunner or gunmaster

Postby Jet » Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:50 pm

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