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Re: The Meseta Sink Discussion

Postby Riasiru » Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:35 pm

You could make an Event NPC that collects 'donations' from players. Then at the end of each week she rewards the highest donors with random items that are sent to the player. The rewards provided could be anything from cosmetics to rare event items chosen from a huge loot pool... Hmm... You could even create tiered rewards...

S Tier - Massive Mesesta Investment (This will empty anyone's pockets...)
A Tier - A realistic donation by high end players
B Tier - Something mid-game players can realistically achieve
C Tier - Participation awards.

The C tier rewards should still be things that new players would want, but slowly work up towards hard to obtain gear as the sheer amount of mesesta sunk increases. The catch?... S Tier is a competition. Only one person can get an S Tier reward each week. Highest donor wins. Everyone else defaults to A tier or lower based on whatever you set the benchmarks at. The required mesesta for each tier will be shown along with a player's donations and the donations of the top player. Yeah... It's a total grind event, but it's also a total mesesta sink. Oh, and you can't get your mesesta back. You donated it... To a charity of some description in the lore... Thanks bro.

On a side note, a player should qualify for A Tier rewards in order for S Tier rewards to be given out. If only one player donates 1 Mesesta, they shouldn't get S Tier rewards just because no one else is donating to the event NPC.

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