Server Update 16 July 2016

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Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Marmalade » Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:37 pm

Hesitation is the foundation of this update; The spirit animal, if you will! because most of this time has been spent researching new areas of PSU I don't have much concrete material for you, but I will share with you the current situation. Anyway, whatever, it's good. IT'S GOOD OK?! Stop calling me names ;A;

As some of you Twitter dwellers might have caught on to by now, I've been playing with De Ragan AI a lot recently, and that's good, it's fun! I've had a lot of fun doing it and I wish I'd recorded some of the mishaps that happened during, but maybe I'll do that for other bosses.
So, De Ragan works. He will target, attack, charge, fireballs, fly, whatever there is to derag. His AI is derpy and sometimes he flies under ground, but whatever, right? Boss awareness is a little tricky.

Anyway, I need to re-write that whole boss system because of the way they work and what I've written doesn't incorporate that very well (I.E, attacks stack? as in Fire Breath + Tail Flick are two different movements to be executed at the same time). That shouldn't take too long and hopefully will make the code base for bosses a lot smaller. On a side-boss-note, Gnome has been touching Dark Falz to see how he works, so that's also good. We're hoping to see Bosses become functional, if not ludicrously scary and unpredictable!

One of the main problems that I face with bosses (and honestly may never be solved) is the servers awareness of what the boss is actually doing. Like PSO (I think?), PSU runs its Boss timing off of the area host (that is, the first person to load into that area is the area host). The biggest problem I noticed when fighting De Ragan with a group of people is that his attack state becomes wildly out of sync. When his head is raised, the packet for Fire Ball is, well, a Fire Ball, but when his head is lowered then the packet for Fire Ball is actually Fire Breath. The server struggled to keep state of whether his head was raised or lowered because a selection of movements automatically do this for De Ragan (his head will default to lowered when he flies). Because of this you're likely to get a Triple Fire Ball when the server thinks it's using Fire Breath, and I haven't discovered why yet. Hopefully this re-write will turn something up.

Given that all the De Ragan logs I have are TA-dead-in-5-hit kind of runs, it's pretty sketchy to actually... write AI for De Ragan, ya dig?
Of course Boss Awareness is going to be a problem for all bosses I'm pretty sure and I don't know if it will ever be solved correctly, but here's to hoping that the other bosses aren't TA-3-moves-logged battles.

Bosses aside...

Tony has graciously ripped out all of the standard enemy attack data and hopefully will be compiled into something usable soon. This will let the server properly handle enemy attacks and especially Technics which currently default to level 21. It will also (hopefuilly) allow the more unique attacks to function properly, like the Grass Assassins paralyzing spit which isn't a Technic '^' so... you can't launch a big ball of spit at your enemies just yet. Sorry!

Some missions, not many, will now trigger the Trial Cleared notification at the end of the mission. You won't get a reward or any points yet as I'm still working with this crazy system, but it's getting there. A lot of missions won't trigger because unfortunately they require things that I don't yet know but hope to figure out soon enough.

The other big thing but not really because I guess it's all over the place? is that we now have most, if not all of the JP clothing & parts available. While it isn't necessarily "forward motion", it's still very nice to have. Getting this to work has been a collective effort but the majority of the work was done by Killroy and Whammy, so you can thank those two for that and their large desire to have such dapper fashion.

Lastly, the things that are likely to happen over the next few days are:
Re-write the boss system.
Make enemy drops work (Gnome already filled out the item inventories for enemies, give or take some missing items we lack).
Investigate box drops and possibly provide means for everyone to start building inventory.
Roll in some sand? idk

But until next time when I hopefully have more solid material for you! I hope you're all enjoying your summer <3
Thank you, Seras! c:

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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby 忍「Shinobu」 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:45 am

Awesome! Looking forward to all of the progress you guys are making, wish there was a way I could contribute but alas, I have no specials skills lol Keep it up guys ^_^
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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Sakarisei » Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:54 am

Great job Marma! I hope we can see more news from the team :)

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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Brendson » Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:17 pm

This news is very news.
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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Shadowth117 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:51 pm

The progress definitely sounds good. Being in the early stages of actually completing missions sounds nice for sure and being able to use the JP adornments sounds pretty cool. While enemy attacks working properly definitely sounds good, am I correct as well in assuming that you mean to allow players to be able to use some of the special ones like the grass assassin spit you mentioned? That would be neat, although I'm not certain how you would have it work exactly.

On the topic of bosses, I've been curious if there's some way to get data on how the server should handle them from the game's memory in offline play, although I assume that this doesn't help.

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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Colette » Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:39 pm

Keep on chuggin forward! :D So happy to see the progress you've all made, especially you marm.

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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Parallaxed » Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:04 pm

Keep up the hard work! Can't wait to play again once it's open!
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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Gnome » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:41 pm

Shadowth117 wrote:On the topic of bosses, I've been curious if there's some way to get data on how the server should handle them from the game's memory in offline play, although I assume that this doesn't help.

If only, right? Unfortunately its not how it works :(

You go into a portal -> Client screams OK IM GOOD, LETS DO THIS -> Fire certain boss packet (They're allll kinda similiar, except for De Rol Le and Dark Falz's First Form) -> Cycle through doin moves and all that funky jazz, pew pew boss fight, pew pew packets everywhere, pew pew -> Dead Boss -> Send more packets ->Hooray boss is dead, gg ez.
In a simple form, theres no way of extracting any _packet_ based data on how a boss should be performing, as it is all handled by the server rather than the client.
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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby Tony » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:58 pm

Shadowth117 wrote:On the topic of bosses, I've been curious if there's some way to get data on how the server should handle them from the game's memory in offline play, although I assume that this doesn't help.

Gnome already touched on how there isn't a way to rip online packet data from offline, but there is another layer to this that might be worth mentioning.

While the offline game does work off of an internal "server" that is cooked into the game, it's not anything like the server that the client expects for network mode. In theory we could study some of the Boss AI that are in story mode, but that isn't really the primary struggle with bosses. If we were to watch how bosses work offline, it could help our understanding of what to have the boss do, and when. We've already got a majority of that data, thanks to a few community member with amazing memory for this type of thing. It's more a matter of the code underneath making the boss behave as we know it should.

Writing good AI, having all of the different moves properly understood (knowing how to make them happen), and then making a "smart" way to handle the boss, so that it acts like the bosses we all knew in PSU network mode. We can know exactly what a boss is supposed to do, and when to do it, however.. It comes down to the technical work of creating the AI to properly act this way, and to having all of the different attack parts recognized.

As with most things relating to a server emulation (especially for this game) the offline data is either not useful, or completely different from online. Little to none of it will do us any good, and so we're stuck doing things in much different ways.
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Re: Server Update 16 July 2016

Postby davey » Tue Jul 19, 2016 1:49 am

love you more
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