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Server Functionality

Postby Marmalade » Sat Jun 11, 2016 10:09 pm

Last updated 01 Dec 2016
Clementine's support for Ver. 2.0009.2 US is Moderate
Clementine can provide a fun and enjoyable experience in Phantasy Star Universe,
however it is still lacking a few fundamental game features until it is ready.

Clementine's support for Ver. 2.0014.30 JP is Lacklustre
Protocol support for the 14.30 JP Client is good, however a lot of the added content is
currently unavailable to obtain, with Hair Styles and Clothing being the only additional content available at this time.

Below is a list of all (if not most) of the feature which have been deemed working in Clementine.

- Account and Character storage (Up to 4 slots).
- Character (re)creation.
- Data saving for Cosmetics, Inventory, Palette, Play-time, Game Options, Black List, Partner Cards, Casino, Last Location, etc.
- Player Inventory and Palette.
- Returning to the last field lobby.
- Interaction with other people, Parties, Game Chat, Party Chat, Chat Modifiers, Lobby Actions
- All Field Lobbies and Planets are online and accessible via the PPT Transfer Station and Flight NPC's.
- Adding and removing players from your Black List and Partner Card List.
- Changing Universe via the Universe Cube.
- Accessing Your Room via the Universe Cube, or the 1st Floor doors (Rooms don't rightly work yet, though)
- Purchasing and selling items from NPC stores.
- Lumilass is fully functional and saves to your character.
- Changing Type. All Types are available with correct stats and equipment requirements.
- Player and Class/Type stats.
- The Roulette Wheel in Casino Voloyal is functional; You can place bets, win coins, and hit the jackpot.
- Receiving daily coins of up to 5 Silver.
- Depositing and Withdrawing coins to and from your Casino Bank.

[+] Item Support Includes:
    - All Consumables are available and all function correctly.
    - All Photon Arts are available and almost all of them function as intended.

    + All Line Shields are available to be purchased in the stores (Temporary).
    --- Defense and Element are working correctly.
    --- Units can be equipped and work correctly.
    --- Nanoblast's and SUV's have basic functionality.

    + 710 Weapons of all types and manufacturers are available across all planets temporarily.
    --- Weapons have correct stats but may not have the correct model of sound effect.
    --- Weapon PP is currently functional but spotty.
    --- Weapon PP Recharge is functional.

    - Almost all JP Weapons have been found and are waiting to be implemented.

    - All US Clothing and Parts are available in all Clothes and Parts stores.
    - All JP Clothing and Parts are available in all Clothes and Parts stores.
    - All US Room Decorations are available.

[+] Mission support includes:
    - Party support, players can join you in your mission if they're in your party, or through the counters Join function.
    - Custom Party name and Description.
    - All mission events and kills are relayed to your party members, providing functional co-op gameplay.
    - Monsters have correct stats.
    - Earning EXP and leveling up your characters base level.
    - Earning MP and leveling up your characters type level.
    - Equipping of weapons from your palette, other players can see your weapons and your attacks.
    - Equipping and using Photon Arts, other players can also see your PA's.
    - Generic Item drops (Consumables, Meseta, Materials; Temporary)
    - Death and Resurrection, either by Scape Doll, Moon Atomizer(X), or Giresta.
    - Status Effects to Enemies and Players.
    - Returning to lobby on death.
    - Abandoning the mission.
    - Clearing the mission.
    - Basic Mission reward screen support.
    - Mission timers.
    - De Ragan, De Ragnus, Zoal Goug, Alterazgohg support.

    [+] The following mission Entities and Events are working:
    - Enemy Spawns
    - Buttons (Floor, Switches, Shootable)
    - Boxes (Moderate/Missing inventory)
    - Block Crystal
    - Portals
    - Keys
    - Consoles
    - Trap Turrets
    - AoE/Burst Traps
    - Air Traps
    - Gathering Points (Awaiting Party Arrival)
    - Boss Portals (A handful of bosses work correctly but most lack an AI)
    - Healing Pads
    - Goggle Targets and Breakable Walls/Rubble

    [+] The following missions are available:

    Unsafe Passage (Complete)
    Dark Satellite (Missing Some)
    Fight For Food (Missing A lot)
    SEED Awakened(Missing a lot)
    True Darkness (Missing a lot)
    The Black Nest (Missing a lot)
    Mechanical Ghosts (Missing)
    The Dark God (Missing a lot)
    Train Rescue (Missing Some)
    AMF HQ Recovery (Missing Some)
    Innocent Girl (Complete)
    Mad Creatures (Missing one)
    Scarred Planet (Missing two or three)
    Bullet License (Complete)
    Egg Thieves (Missing a lot)
    Security Breach (Missing a lot)
    Plains Overlord (Missing some)
    Sleeping Warriors (Missing some)
    Crimson Beast (Missing a lot)
    The Mad Beasts (Missing some)
    Lab Recovery (Missing a lot)
    Endrum Remnants (Missing most)
    The Dual Sentinel
    Duel in the Ruins (Missing some)
    Lightning Beasts (Missing A lot)
    SEED Express (Missing some)
    Military Subway (Missing A lot)
    Electronic Brain (Missing A lot)
    Mizuraki Defense (Missing some)
    Forested Islands (Missing A lot)
    Sacred Stream (Missing Most)
    Technic License (Complete)
    Her Secret Mission (Missing Most/Unplayable)
    Temple of Traps (Missing A lot)
    Rainbow Beasts (Missing Some)
    Grove of Fanatics(Missing Some)
    Hill Of Spores(Missing a lot)
    Eastern Peril (Missing Some)
    Forest Infiltration (Missing Some)
    The Holy Ground (Missing a lot)
    Demons Above (Missing a lot)
    Moonlight Beast (Missing some)
    Sakura Blast (Missing Some)
    Cost Of Research (Missing Some)
    Flowery Persuit (Missing Some)
    White Beast (Missing Some)
    Dancing Birds (Missing A lot)
    System Defense (Missing Some)
    Valley of Carnage (Missing Some)
    Desert Arms Shop (Complete)
    Bruce's Dungeon (Missing Some?)
    Dagora Standby Area (Complete)
    Thunderfest Deals (Complete)
    Skill License (Complete)
    Airboard Rally (Missing)
    Desert Terror (Missing Some)
    Citadel Of Sand (Missing Some)
    Mine Defense (Missing a lot)
    Rogues Shortcut (Missing a lot)
    Tunnel Recapture (Missing some)
    Desert Goliath (Missing a lot)
    Lonely Laboratory (Missing some)
    Stolen Weapon (Missing a lot)
    Caves Of Ice (Missing a lot)
    Awoken Serpent (Missing a lot)
    Bladed Legacy (Missing a lot)

What remains to be completed?
- Story Missions (Potentially?)
- Boss AI (Boss packets are mostly figured out) for the remaining bosses.
- Box Item Drops
- Area Item Drops
- NPC Partners
- Weapon Grinding
- Enemy attack data
- Player Rooms
- All Partner Machine functions

- Casino Voloyal Slot Machines (No one knows the logic or rules of these machines)
- Equipment Stat Requirements and validation
- My Room (Shops, Storage, Decorations. Packets are hard to find for some room commands)
Thank you, Seras! c:

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